Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Maine: Bernard Harbor and Thurston's Lobster Pound

So you are hungry for lobster? Go to Thurston's Lobster Pound in Bernard, Maine, a quaint little place right on the docks. It is surrounded by piers where lobsters are hauled in by local fishermen and has a nice view of Bass Harbor across the little inlet.
Pick your lobster and they will steam it for you. It takes about 20 minutes.

Wolf down a lobster roll or two. This is simply lobster meat inside buns, with more or less mayonnaise. Thurston's came in second place, with Beal's Lobster in Southwest Harbor in first place, and Islesford Dock at third place in our little tasting competition (managed by LA mainly), but all were very delicious. Islesford had too much mayo in theirs. Next to the lobster roll is steamers. This are mud digging clams you steam so they open, then you take the clean part of the clam, dip it in water and then melted butter and then eat it. I had it the first time at the New Jersey shore and was very suspicious of it, but it is really, really good.
If you have a lobster restaurant you also need a lobster truck. Check out the license plate! Outside Thurston's is their propane powered steaming baths.

Lobster traps are marked on the ocean surface with buoys, and here are some old ones. The traps are ready to be thrown in the water, and are more complicated than they look.

This house is a book shop and wedding chapel and decorated with lobster buoys that belonged to the family that owns the place. These are real buoys, not onces that are recently made for tourists.

People from Maine love lobster and personalized license plates on their cars.


PP said...

502 ABD...??? I don't get this one...what does it mean?

LS said...

It doesn't mean anything, but it has a lobster on it. It is not personalized, I just wanted to show the lobster plate...