Saturday, September 27, 2008

Grounds for sculpture-Hamilton NJ

This is an amazing place you really have to see. I'm just posting pictures of some different sculpture to see, I'm sure there will be more about this park later on in new posts.

On a scale one to ten I think this was a nine, it was such a good athmosphere in this park, you could peak around corners and get new views of sculptures that you didn't realize where there until they suddenly just "popped up".

Visit this place, a big recommendation!


LS said...

Note the groundhog under the giant sculpture! I bet he has BIG plans.

EH said...

LS dont you have any more pictures to show... ;-)

LS said...

Yes, I have. Lots and lots, and some will be up soon after some editing. I have had a cold, so wasn't really happy about doing computer work. I made tomato sauce instead and szechuan chile oil this weekend.

EH said...

So unfortunate that you got a cold, I suppose, it´s the same as your son got. I´m feeling fine, no jetlag or cold or anything and the tooth is fixed for a facile price of 1400 kr, including a yearly check-up. Nothing else to woory about. I hope you get well soon.

Sostra mi.