Thursday, September 4, 2008

The many faces of Mount Desert Island, ME

The last day out we were driving along and commenting how very few birds we saw, then we passed a car on the side of the road with a camera and big lens. AREA yelled out "Bald Eagle" and we stopped. He(she) was far away but we saw it well with the tube(thanks AnS). The pic here is not great but it was the first bald eagle I have seen in the wild.

Stones on the rocks at Seawall

Seawall again, a great morning on the rocks near Southwest Harbor.

Ship Harbor, ME
Our first day out, foggy and misty, great walk along a rocky shore. How this could be a "harbor" I don't know, its really too small for a real harbor. Tide was going out, deer walked along the opposite shore.

A Stutz car, my grandfather has a similar model, at the Seal Cove Auto Museum
Go soon for most of the collection will be gone by end of Sept. due to a big auction.

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LS said...

Looking at these pictures make me miss Maine even more. One thing that really is different is the sky. In Maine you have blue sky, mist, clouds or fog. In New Jersey you generally don't have a very blue sky, at least not on hot summer days like today. It is just a yellow mist that doesn't feel or look good. Too much people and cars! I am imagining going to Maine for a week in the winter or spring just to check it out at a different season when there are no tourists around and the weather is fierce.