Thursday, September 4, 2008

What can you say about Whales?

We went Whale watching. I must admit I thought the experience would be disappointing, I thought you would see them very far in the distance, a black speck. Boy was I wrong. It was so amazing to take a boat out into the sea and come upon these creatures swimming about. The humpback actually swam right under the bow of the boat.

Here are some views:

A fin back just after a blow and surfacing, the head is to the left.

A finback with a harbor seal(it might be a gray seal). They seemed to get along just fine.

A Humpback "Sonogram" just going down for a dive. Yes they have identified individual animals and can tell them apart. We missed seeing "Lunch" a finback who has a large bite taken out of its fin!

"Sonogram" again just going down for a dive. Sonogram is about 4 years old, born in the Caribbean , they don't know its sex yet.

That is LS in the pic, taking her own pic. This is a finback again. I love how you can see the flipper just above LS's index finger under water. This Whale is about 60 feet long, that's about 18.3 meters for the rest of you. That is pretty big for an animal.

Without any doubt this was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life, it brings tears to my eyes even now. See them now before global warming kills them all.


LS said...

I agree, it was much, much more exciting than I thought. It helped that we had a guide that really knew the ecology of the coast and its animals. I loved seeing these whales, it was truly amazing. Next time I am in Hawaii in the spring (if ever), I want to see the humpbacks sing and mate.

Som Assar skulle ha sagt: "Jag har sett valar bada!" (internal joke for the Struwe family)

LS said...

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AnS said...

We now that the wales is fantastic. We saw a lot of them 15 years ago in Lofoten. So I understand that it was exciting.