Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy birthday, sister! Greetings from Thuya Gardens.

or 'i efterskott', as they say in Sweden, since it was yesterday. "Efterskott', that is a funny word. The literal translation is ' after shoot', but it has nothing to do with shooting, or maybe it comes from a too late shot against a target that already left?

Happy birthday EH! Here are some flowers for you and a place to rest a bit. The photos are from the Thuya Garden on Mount Desert Island in Maine, a wonderful little garden that once was someone's summer retreat. You can get to the garden by climbing up rocky terraces and stairs with a wonderful view over Northeast Harbor, one of several little villages on the island. Someone must have worked very hard to move all the rocks on the terraces.

We saw a little green snake too, and I think it was a Smooth Green Snake.


EH said...

What a nice present to get, a whole garden! And such a nice place, it looks fantastic.

I had a great birthday-celebration, kräftskiva on saturday and a sauna afterward, and a birthday cake on sunday. On monday, apple muffins at work and a nice dinner at home.

When you comes to age the food is as important as the presents. I had presents too, thanks everyone!

RosaMilton said...

Grattis i efterskott! Får man komma och hälsa på i nya huset?!


EH said...

Klart du får komma och hälsa på, samma telefonnummer som förr. Reser till LS om två veckor.