Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nytt tomtkryss! New bird!

Kryss = New observation - that sounds so much better in Swedish in English. Kryss means X, for making an X on your list or in your field guide. I was sitting here in New Jersey a few minutes ago, blogging away, when I hear a sound and look out and two amazing little warblers, black and orange, are sitting in the Amelanchier (häggmispel) tree a few feet away. I have never seen that kind of bird before, and it was an American redstart. So this was my first observation for the species ever, and it was at our house. Cool! Check out the photos, isn't it beautiful? It looks tropical with those bold colors. I also ran into a nice bird blog that includes NJ birding.

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PP said...

I want to see this...what does it sound like?