Sunday, September 14, 2008

Skogen är full av lingonben

...benen kliver över stock och sten
hipp och hopp och murkla,
där stod kantarellen.

Föränderliga semlesvamp,
bleka taggsvampar och därtill
uti gröna mossan tutade i tratten.

Långa klivet hemåt gick,
tunga armar då jag fick
tutade och vissla, men jag hörde inget

Glad med lingon i min hink
tunga kassen skogens guld
nu så ser jag huset
"nu ä mamma hemma!"

Barking dog plaza 13/9 2008

For all non-swedish speaking: If you use the automatic translator for this, I can tell you it doesn´t even make sense in swedish. I´m just fooling around with a swedish nonsense vocal, with my own words. Ask LS and she will, maybe, tell you the general idea.
Because...this is what the automatic translator comes up with

Forest is full of lingonben
bone stride over logs and stone
hip and spring and decayed ,
there stood kantarellen.
Alterable semlesvamp ,
bleach taggsvampar and därtill
uti greener pulp tutade in funnel.
Tall stride hemåt was going ,
tongue arms then self was getting tutade and hiss ,
but self heard nothing
Jolly with linguist in mine bucket
tongue bin forest gold
now so am seeing self accommodate
" now ä mamma housewife!"

Do you understand anything? How can lingon be linguist? And hemma translate to housewife?
I think it´s amazing they call this translation service. But of course, they claim to know 1600 different languages, and since almost nobody speaks swedish, who would know if they cheat a bit? Intertran

LS' translation (with some minor changes and no rhymes):

The forest is full of lingon legs
walking over logs and rocks
hipp and jump and morel,
there was the chantarell!

Everchanging pastryshroom,
pale spike fungi and more as well,
trumpeted in the green moss.

Long steps toward my home,
with burdened arms I walked,
toot and whistle, but I heard nothing

Happy with full lingon bucket,
heavy bag with forest gold
now I see the farm house,
"now Mom is home!"


AnS said...

Vilken fin dikt, precis på kornet

EH said...

Tack, jag tycker den blev rätt bra själv. Gillar speciellt "uti gröna mossan tutade i tratten" vilket naturligtvis är trattkantarellerna. Semlesvampen vet du också, den ser precis ut som en semla med florsocker på (föränderlig tofsskivling). Ingen murkla såg jag men det lät bra. Snöbollschampinjon är svårt och långt...

LS said...

Underbar! Precis som det ar i verkligheten, men med tillsnorklade ord! Povel Ramel, fast battre.

For you non-Swedes or young Swedes - this is based on the entertainer Povel Ramel's song "Skogen ar full av lingonben", which literally means 'the forest is full of lingon legs'.His song doesn't make much sense, but is fun, and was a staple when we grew up. It was sung a lot during summercamps with the youth organization Faltibiologerna. Not sure if I should try to translate EH's mushroom version of it. She did a good job in Swedish and some words just can't be translated...