Monday, August 15, 2011

Wet August Day

It is raining in Sweden and in New Jersey, and at least here on the Sourlands it is still raining. All old rain amount records broke yesterday on the east coast of North America.  But so far we have been lucky here at home.  No major flood in the basement, and only the driveway is ruined from running water that has eroded channels in the gravel. My usual way to work is underwater because the Millstone River is flooding, but the trains are running (I hear the locomotives' whistles) and no electricity is out.  The rain just fell from the sky, persistent and strong but without any other big weather.

So, yesterday, August 14, 2011, we got 4.67 inches (118 mm!) of rain in one day. (link to more info)

Or, in other words:  

"nearly twice the normal monthly rainfall was delivered (to New York City) in one day"
(Link to source)

Addition:  Of course this was the day I also started to dry tomatoes in the new dehydrator.  Maybe not the best day.  It is taking much longer than planned. 

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