Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hurricane Irene: calculations...

Hurricane Katia is on her way towards USA.... stop it, we don't need any more hurricanes!

From a comment on NY Times:

"Bridges must survive (bottom of the structure to be above the flood water elevation) a 100 year storm. This is a storm that statistically happens once every 100 years although it can happen at any moment. Large drainage structures under principal roadways must pass a 50 year design storm and common pipe and catch basin systems are to carry a 10 year storm. Above that, damage and clean up occurs.
Rainfall from Irene was somewhere between a 100 and 500 year storm.
Imagine that.  I can't. And I am afraid there are more of these on their way.

Even Maureen Dowd, opinionator in New York Times, is annoyed at self-pitying New Yorkers that thought the storm was too hyped, and they  bought too much bread. 

And, things are still very bad for many.  Poor Vermont.  We are aching for you!

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