Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hurricane news won't stop

And more bad things from hurricane Irene:

Wilmington, VT is destroyed: link with many photos
We have passed through here several times, it was a cute lovely town.

Just went to our supermarket, which was without power for two days and the workers are now emptying out ALL persihables.  Tons of icecream, all fish, meat, lots of cheeses, frozen pizza, it all goes to landfills now.  Shelves are naked, including lettuce and produce. It was interesting what was left.  Eggs were OK, and milk, and vaccuum packed cheeses.  Bacon was OK, but not much of the yougurt...

Saw a new road sign on the way home, from our police department:

(sorry, didn't have my camera, it would have been worth many photos)

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