Monday, August 29, 2011

More horror photos from flooded places after hurricane Irene

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Whetstone Falls_08_28_11


2011-08-29 06_54_53

Angry River



And more: NJ flooding from the air

More news about how easy the New Yorkers had it compared to many others

OK, soon it will enough of hurricane coverage here on the blog. But we are still right in it. One bridge has reopened, part of our town won't have power for another two days maybe, our tree is still leaning over the road and only hanging on because of a telephone wire, and many of our friends have lost basements, bridges, and other important things... It is a giant mess out there. I am really longing for a house where you can be self-sufficient (with internet) for 2-3 weeks without problems.


EH said...

Oh my, this is really horrific!
I am so glad we are not affected by hurricanes so often here in Sweden. Don´t stop posting about the aftermath yet, media is giving no or very little information here about your situation, while there is a half page about a polish puppy who survived a train accident and now have a wheelchair... Sometimes I get som tired of what media think is important. Why can´t they write about important stuff? And why bother about NYC when the rest of NE US are flooded? Give us real news, please! And keep posting, LS!

AI said...

Doesn't picture two look very much like the old industrial factories by the river in Norrköping?

LS said...

Yes, it does! Similar architectural styles, indeed. I hope you are fine AI, and we hope you post some stories from your international travels soon.