Saturday, August 20, 2011

Stamp of the Day: Lingon

Now is the time for picking the wild lingonberries ('lingon') in Sweden, a great tart little red berry that often grows in large low mats on sandy soil.  The stamp is from Greenland, and this species grows all around the north pole in the northern hemisphere.  The eskimos in Alaska mixed the berries with snow and made icecream (well, kind of).  If you buy lingonberry jam in a store it is always from a wild forest, since nobody cultivates these commercially. I love lingonberries on Swedish pancakes, and when I was a kid it was always served with blood pudding too.  These days I don't eat a lot of blood pudding ('blodpudding'), it is something I can certainly live without.  But it doesn't taste as bad as you think (unless it is the kind they put raisins in).

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