Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A day has gone...

and when I summon up the activities it´s been a good day with a few mishaps.

First, in the morning, overslept and had to reschedule. Well, not really a problem. A tour to town in the morning.
Back at home again, apple picking and plum picking, and a few cherries too. A nice moment between rain and thunder, which continued and created large waterfalls from the rain drains.

Me and the kids decided it was a good day for cooking and baking. Sugar pretzels was their choice. I did plum and cherry marmalade (with port wine). A few pretzels and some lunch and then off to the dentist for one in the family. On the way to town there where large water pools and streams in the road. Kids laughing happily when the water sprayed high around the car. The thunderstorm continued.

Back home and a "fika", getting stuff and off to the cinema, Cars 2 in 3D. Gets highest grade from the kids and an OK movie for me. But you can see the game scenes in the movie. I particularly like the "007 Bond" character. Great secret agent theme!
If you liked Cars, you will probably like this.
On the way there I had to change a tire on the car, almost flat!! And after that I backed my car into another car! The number plate fell off from the car front. Stupid me! At least the woman was nice especially considering it was my fault completely.

Some planning for the weekend, and then back home to end the day with a sip of whisky, "dubbelträ" or doublewood , a 2 cask matured whisky from Scotland.

Great day despite the mishaps. How was your day?

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LS said...

Oh no - flat tire, floods, and a car accident. Oh yes - marmalade and sugar pretzels! What a day you seemed to have had. I hope no car got badly damaged.