Thursday, October 22, 2009

OK snapshop: Wroom on a regular street in Stockholm

A classic car! Guess what it is!


PP said...

no guess required, 2CV with odd home built add ons! I guess you could put extra passengers on the seat at the back!

Mr. Lebo said...

We didn't have much trouble with this one either. There are probably more 2CV's than lemurs left here in Madagascar. None look even remotely like that gorgeous one. Most are about two loose screws from simply sifting themselves down into a pile rusted pièces du Citroën.

Tons of the wonderful panel truck variety too. I would kill for a decent running one of those back in the States. The price is right here, but it would be far from decent. Old 2CV's here (1950's-1960's) run about $900 or so.

LS said...

So, do people come to Madagascar to pick up some antique cars, like what they have in Cuba? If you haven't seen it, put Yank Tanks on your movie list - it is fantastic.

Get a photo of the Citroen truck, not sure I have seen one, please? Thanks!