Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More about Gourmet magazine, which is no more...

If you go to the Gourmet website, you can read this:
"Please be advised that Gourmet magazine will cease publication after the November issue.
Subscribers can look forward to receiving Bon Appetit magazine for the remainder of their subscription. The Gourmet.com website will remain available during a transitional period, and access to Gourmet recipes will also remain available via sister site Epicurious.com and the Epi iPhone application. We regret any inconvenience, and look forward to your continued readership. For questions about your Gourmet magazine subscription, please follow this link to subscription services. The Oct. 23-25 Gourmet Institute events will not take place. Additional information is available at gourmetinstitute.com. If you purchased the GOURMET TODAY cookbook and would like to take advantage of the offer on the back flap, click here for more information. "

Note, all of this above is written in CAPS. Dear Conde Nast, DO NOT WRITE IN ALL CAPS. IT IS REALLY ANNOYING. That is basic Net etiquette. "Regret any inconvenience?" Yeah, how about: I ordered this magazine and it didn't show up so I am slightly inconvenienced? We got a letter recently asking us to subscribe to Bon Appetit , and we sent it back with large letters on it -" We want Gourmet instead!". For you Swedes, this is like if "Bullen's hot dogs" are no longer available, or some other classic like Abba's herring or King Oscar's sardines, and instead they are offering you some cheap substitute. I so dislike when everything is steered by money and not by the right thing to do... Why keep golf magazines and wedding specials and get rid of this magazine that is addressing food, food policy, and food history? Your priorities are wrong, Conde Nast (that is the publisher).

I was in the bookstore today and they advertised the new, probably a fantastic, Gourmet cookbook as 'includes one year subscription to Gourmet'. Yeah, right. And I am a dalmatian. If you click on the link from the cookbook to your subscription online you get this message: "Sorry, we could not find the page you were looking for. Many pages have been changed due to our relocation from Epicurious.com, and the URL you were looking for likely changed or may no longer be available." Nice. Please Conde Nast, you are pissing off a lot of people... about 100 00 subscribers I would think, plus the hundreds that are buying your cookbook.

At least the recipes are still online. I think I want this for dinner soon. The last issue of Gourmet was great, and we are saving it, of course. This looks good too...

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