Saturday, October 3, 2009

How dogs became pets...

Right now I am reading a really interesting book called Catching Fire, about how humans probably have large brains because they started to cook, not because they started to eat meat. I am still only halfway through, so you will hear about this later. About the dogs - new scientific data has shown that dogs have become domesticated (=pets) many times from wild species, so I bet there was something that attracted them to us rather hairless strange humans. Maybe cooked meat?

However, I thought I should share our dinner plans:

  • Chile rellenos (stuffed poblano and green New Mexico peppers, locally grown of course, and the stuffing is cheese, then they are dipped in flour and egg and fried - oh my god so good! but a lot of work)
  • New Mexico red chili sauce (not hot sauce, this is a sauce you spoon over the chile rellenos)
  • Spanish yellow rice
  • Refried beans with chopped onion and cilantro
and for dessert
  • Tarte Tatin - upside down apple cake that I will try to make for the first time.
Do you want to come over for dinner? I'll try to remember to take some photos, but I might be busy eating...


Sarah said...

I've made tarte tatin a few times! Only once did it not flip properly, and even though it looked messy it still tasted good.
That dinner sounds great.

LS said...

Dinner turned out fantastic, but we skipped the refried beans this time. The tarte tatin was so good, but a lot of the apples stuck to the bottom of the pan, so I had to help them off. Everybody loved it. It is definitely something I will make again.

PP said...

OK, I have a new favorite food. Well technically it is not at all new. I have been enjoying chile rellenos for many years, and have had many good ones. Oh hose from the Los Dos Compadres in Hoboken, they were fantastic, alas the place is gone. Foe me they are like fried chicken, even a bad version is great. No kidding they are tedious to make. Nothing hard about it, just lots of steps and in then end its very messy. Ahhh but in the end, you have Chile Rellenos! We used 2 kinds of peppers, poblanos and actually I'm not sure what they were, a long "New Mexico" type pepper. Both were great. The simple sauce is a perfect compliment. Many , many dishes I love, but fried chicken and chile rellenos I could eat most any time. LS, what we need now is a a pic of them in the cast iron pan!

Mr. Lebo said...

I have to agree. Chili rellenos are my favorite as well. Working in New Mexico for 3 summers introduced me to a lot of great food, but nothing beat those stuffed pepper delights. Ordering was always followed by the New Mexican state question of, "Red or Green?" Referring of course to your choice of chili sauce. I was generally a Christmas man. Christmas is the silent third choice in the question; it means red and green.

Your post got our taste buds going, so I think Cindy I will be joining you with our own New Mexican night later this week.

EH said...

Hmm, I have to start reading cook books again. There´s to much childrens food in our house, like meatballs and mashed potatoes and spaghetti and tomatosauce. But it´s made with love! ;-)

LS said...

Good food is always made with love!

I found that it was more time that was lacking when the kids were small. You just didn't have the time to make elaborate dishes from scratch, but on the other hand there are so many dishes that are so good and take little time. I read that the average American spends 4 MINUTES on cleaning up after dinner, this is the average! That means that most people do not cook - they just heat something ready-made from the store, or they go out an eat (=cleanup time 0 min). At our house cleanup time is more like 20 min or more.

About cooking for kids - there are lots of great tricks and ideas for how to get more veggies and good things into their food without them noticing. That is worth a whole other blog post.