Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fallen leaves and fruits

September höjer sitt tak.
Det ligger en lättnad i luften
som hör hösten till.
Den kalla blötdaggen tvättar
grundligt allt den vidrör.
Äppelvinden spelar krocket
på övergivna lekplaner.
Fallfrukten rullar stötvis in
under bågar av gräs.

Harry Martinson, ur De tusen dikternas bok (2004)

The Swedish author and poet Harry Martinson is untranslatable since he is using words in new ways and meanings and invents new words by combining and changing them. My translation below only translates the meaning, not the beauty of this poem, unfortunately. The photo is by OK, taken today, of fallen maple leaves in Sweden. Seasons are a'changing...

September is raising its ceiling.
There is a relief in the air
that is typical for fall.
The cold wet dew washes
thoroughly everything it touches.
The apple wind plays crochet
on abandoned playgrounds.
The fallen fruit rolls bumpily
under bent arches of grass.

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