Monday, August 24, 2009

What did you do this weekend?

At our house in Pretzeltown, we been putting up "tapet" (ie., wallpaper in swedish), painting, drilling holes in the ceiling to get internet connection by cable to the main computer, eating kräftor (crawfish) and having snaps, dad recited wonderful sayings to the snaps!, made and ate chocolate balls with sugar on them, OK expanded the electric net to our closet in the bedroom for all the routers and stuff and prepared for a TV-connection. The wallpaper (light grey with silver streaks, which shimmer in sunlight) is almost done, nothing shows of the old door to the hallway and the new door is ready with all the lining up.

How was your weekend?

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LS said...

Wow, intense work! We did things too. Kids have loaded thousands of firewood pieces into the barn (3 cords full was ordered). PP worked on fixing the kitchen fan (parts need to be ordered), pumping out water from the basement (sigh, again!),and renovating the basement stairs so we get better storage space there (looks great!).

I cooked dinner on Saturday (potato gratin with leek and white wine, chipotle-glazed chicken, and yellow squash and onion layer 'cake'), and made the best apple pie I have ever made. It has cheese in the pie dough, yum!

We also picked tomatoes in the garden and some hot peppers, and I cut down some oak branches that shaded the tomatoes. Hmm, what else - I went for a 2 mile walk, and I baited the groundhog trap with mushy canteloupe, we will see if that works.

And it rained too, all day Saturday - horrible rainstorms with American-style thunder and lightning. One lightning hit so close to the house it triggered our smoke alarm in the bedroom and turned on the motion-sensor light on the barn next door. It smelled like burned rubber in the air. Amazing.