Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Stamps of the day: Lighthouses

I just read LS book review below and I love lighthouses too, as do many of us. I think they are symbols of strength and solitude, and a respect for the forces of nature.

Famous lighthouse, "Gustaf Dalén" remembered from many weather reports on a scratchy old radio in the sailing boat as a kid. The very same radio that we listened to "sommarlovsföljetongen" a radio theather for youngster.

This one is special for me, I love maps, in my imagination I can go anywhere just to look at a map.


LS said...

Gorgeous stamps from Aland, the island between Finland and Sweden. I didn't know they had their own stamps. I wonder why the lighthouse was named after Gustaf Dalen and who he was...

EH said...

Gustaf Dalén, he´s a swedish inventor who has invented for example gas-driven lighthouses and AGA-stoves. Like the one you´ve got in your kitchen :)