Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kravallslöjd (Underground handicraft)

My brother OK forwards us all kinds of cool photos from his iPhone and some
make it to the blog, like this one. In Sweden a new underground handicraft
movement has been cropping up in recent years: The Knitting Mafia. They are
anonymous and knit colorful pieces that they then sew onto light poles,
fences, and other objects in public places as adornments. Here is one
example, and I especially love the snake on top of the hat. Seen in
Stockholm of course.


Olle said...

Put up the latest one also with a shoe on the car hook. It is great

LS said...

Will do, Olle! But first I have to stack a couple of thousands of firewood pieces with the kids. We have a huge pile in our yard that was delivered yesterday. :)