Thursday, August 6, 2009

Movie of the day: The Swedish Chef making "Hot Sauce"

Time for some hot good food, now when the darkness again is back in the evening and summer goes into the last month, August. Reminds me of course of the fantastic harvest of chilies LS and PP had last year. LS made a habanero-oil. It´s so strong you only use a drop or two of it, when cooking!

Almost like the one the Swedish Chef from the Muppets are making in this clip.

The Swedish chef: Hot sauce

Have a tasty dinner!


LS said...

AHHHHHH,, The Swedish chef AND chilies! What a great combination! Unfortunately it looks like the rainy and relatively cold weather won't give us much hot peppers this year...

EH said...

Too bad, I hope you still have some left from last years harvest. And I´m sure you have "Hot Sauce" left :)

We have wonderful weather and are going to the archipelago today.