Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stamp of the day: Skärgården (The Archipelago of East Sweden)

I´m going to the archipelago this weekend, kayaking and camping. The salty (bräckt) water is warm and the boat people have already gone home. I love to be there.


LS said...

Steam boats for PP! On stamps!

Anyway, the semi-salty water of the Baltic is called 'brackish', and it has much less salt than the Atlantic, so very few mussels and other invertebrates can live there. The farther north you go in the Baltic, the sweeter (fresher, less salty) the water gets. Just some factoids for our readers.

Have fun, EH, and good luck with the weather.

EH said...

I´m always on the look-out for nice steam machines for you, PP, and stamps for you, LS. Do you have any nice sculptures for me, please? :)