Monday, June 15, 2009

Trying something new, VB6

VB6, that it is. That we are trying out, PP and I. It is not a new kind of car engine, dish soap, or camera lens. We read an article by Mark Bittman, and got hooked. He is the food writer for The New York Times, and VB6 stands for... Vegan before 6 PM. Vegan was too much a stretch for us, so we are doing Vegetarian before 6 now. So you get to splurge on fish, poultry and meat at dinner, but cut it out for breakfast and lunch to cut down on calories and bad fats. It is certainly an easy way of eating more veggies and salads, and it doesn't get boring. We will see how long we can keep it up (and yes, I doubt I want to do this in Sweden, I am dying for herring and potatoes for lunch.) Doesn't this look appetizing?


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