Friday, June 19, 2009

Teenagers and supernovas

This is especially for LA, who loves space:
Teenage girl discovers new type of supernova (read more by clicking on the link)

"What Caroline discovered is now known as SN2008ha, and it turns out to be a very interesting object — in fact, it is an entirely new class of supernova, never before seen."

Now that I think is cool. I find new species, but new supernovas are definitely a step above that.

And while you are at it - check out AstronomyCast!


Olle said...

Why? I find no new species, nor supernovas. I would be proud for either.

LS said...

Well, to me finding species is a lot easier than finding a supernova. There are millions of species to be described, especially fungi, beetles, and bacteria, but not enough taxonomists. I bet you find out about many other things in life, even if they are seldom written about or known to many. :)