Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 7 in Abisko: Gone fishing

More from OK and his iPhone in the northern Swedish latitudes:

Idag planerar jag att ta en tur med tält några dagar. Tills dess jag är tillbaka får ni hålla tillgodo med följande (mycket) lokala sevärdheter.

(Today I am leaving for a hike with a tent for a few days. Until I am back, you will have to be satisfied with these (very) local sightseeing items.)

Bastuns omklädningsrum. Som en norrlänning skulle säga: "Å här häng man använda handdukar som ska bli ren." (The dressing room in the sauna. As a northerner would say: ".. can't translate.. but the point is that reindeer and clean is the same word in Swedish :) [LS noted])
"Any frolic in your pocket?" [Frolic is a kind of dried dog food]
Den verkliga bossen på vandrarhemmet är dock Murre. (The real boss at the hostel is Murre.)
Långväga gäster har med sig sina inhemska specialiteter. Vad det är? Krylli-Cola kanske? :) (Far away guests are bringing their own cultural specialities. What is this? Cyrrilli-Cola maybe?)

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Olle said...

Kruzhka i bochka - mug and barrel it means we believe. But what the content could have been we can only guess. Maybe stronger than coca-cola?

Olle with the help of Eve