Saturday, June 20, 2009

Seen on other blogs

Sometimes I just browse around, and check out blogs that are not my everyday places to visit. Tonight I enjoyed:

A luna moth at Farmgirl Fare (always reminds me of Barbara Kingsolver's book Prodigal Summer, a fantastic read, especially for entomologists and wildlife biologists)

Why I love farmer's markets... or really, markets anyware as long as people sell their own things, not junk produced in factories.

Why the 80s sucked... clothing wise. And I love how organic shapes and colors can be so beautiful in/on manmade things.

My friend Cindy got a beautiful surprise waiting for her in Madagascar. And some animals have really long tongues. Wow.

If you chew Copenhagen, it is a pleasure. Those were cheap oranges! Now they can be up to 1 dollar each.

Swine flu news: "They found that S-OIV was borne of several viruses that circulate in pigs, with contributions from avian and human strains. The virus made the leap to humans several months before we twigged to its presence. It was spreading right under our noses, undetected because of our lack of surveillance of flu viruses in pigs." (Note: a 15-year old boy died of it in the neighboring township last week....)

.... and I really want to make homemade pea ravioli. Maybe next Sunday...

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