Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Breaking car news from Sweden

There is a special place in my heart for the old, real SAABs, the ones made before GM bought the company and turned the car into copies of other cars and the SAABs lost all their character and style. With the fall of GM, SAAB was also put on bankruptcy notice but today it is finalized, Christian von Koenigsegg is buying SAAB (link in English), backed by Norwegian and Swedish money and other sources. The polls in Sweden say that 70% of Swedes think this is a great thing, even if Koenigsegg is only known for building high-end, customized sports cars and only 20 a year or so.

Good luck Koenigsegg, hopefully you can make SAAB special again. I grew up in a SAAB 95, then a SAAB 96, my first car was a SAAB 900 (the last real version of it), and then a SAAB 9000 (GM-made, with horrible, expensive problems). Back to basics, please!

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