Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Signs: Trenton Farmer's Market

A nice old sign, without neon or any lights, at the roof to Trenton Farmer's Market. You never see these kinds of signs being put up anymore. And these kinds of markets are disappearing too. Small, semi-dirty, with locals shopping, and old-fashioned scales and worn-down doors, and with so much wonderful charm and culture. This is real food shopping! "Two pounds of liver wrapped up in some paper, thanks!" A bag of cider donuts in a brown paper bag. Hot chicken wings on a paper tray with barbecue sauce. Just imagine.

Inside the indoor market are lots of miniscule stores, including two old-fashioned butcher shops (one polish), an Italian cheese and pasta place, a watch repair place, fresh vegetables, and sandwich and other lunch food places. It is a fantastic place, but not in an direction where we usually travel, so we have only been there two times. The fried onion rings are yummy!!!
And a sign on a door, also at Trenton Farmer's market, for the Nuts & Honey Store. But what does 'scrumpy' mean? Sounds good, whatever it is.

We had a scary experience here too; we followed signs to the "Crab Shack", which was in a real little shack on the other side of the parking lot. We went in and was met by 1) horrible old fish smell and 2) construction equipment and sawdust, and when we managed to get into the little room inside where the actual fish on display was both PP and I immediately knew that this is a place we never will buy any fish. The fish looked old, it wasn't much, it smelled like fish, and a guy was standing there smoking. It should never smell like fish in a fish store - just ask our favorite Michael at the Lobster Dock in Hillsborough. He is the best when it comes to fish and shellfish.