Monday, January 14, 2008

New google gadgets

Today's PHOTO OF THE DAY at the National Geographic Society's website is this amazingly red Forest Chaser Dragonfly.

I get every photo of the day automatically loaded on my igoogle home page. If you haven't tried it yet, check it out. You go to, and log in using your gmail account (same as for posting here). Then you can arrange and add all kinds of information to your home page, including a clock, weather, news, photo of the day, and on and on. You decide where things go and what you want on the home page. You can have links to Wikipedia, Google maps, NPR news, and much much more. You add all this by clicking on the little "Add Stuff" on the igoogle home page. When you don't want anything anymore, then you just click on the x in the top right corner and it is gone. There is even more - stock market, games (tetris and PacMan, remember that?), photo of the day from Flickr, National Geographic Society or NASA, To do lists, sticky notes, the current moon phases, new recipes from Epicurious, and RSS feeds from lots of blogs - all of this on one starting page.

While writing this, I ran across this blog, 101 cookbooks, about a blogger that decided to start blogging about her cooking from her one hundred and one cookbooks, one recipe at the time. Check it out! This lentil soup looks really good!

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Olle said...

iGoogle is great! I have now included the picture from National Geographic om my page. The only problem is that it has got quite full.

Another item which can be recommended is the Astonomy picture of the day - sometimes it is tremendous pictures there!