Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Scraps and bits from the internet

Found a great photo from 1936 here. What a scary sky!

Photo of the day on National Geographic is a bull seal in a kelp forest. It looks wet and cold!

Main Street Bistro in Princeton have great food when the fancy Chinese restaurant we had planned for AREA's birthday dinner was fully booked.

Gloria Steinem (famous feminist) thinks that a woman won't be president of the United States, simply because she is a woman, and points out the hypocrisy of emotional women vs emotional men in this New York Times editorial. This was published the day before the New Hampshire primary election, and some analysts have said this article might have made voters change their minds about who to vote for. Hillary Clinton won, against all predictions. I am for John Edwards at the moment.

Over 130 million lightning strikes have hit the Earth this year. None hit me.

...and there are some very funny cats in the world!


Olle said...

Cat stories always work here! Great video!

LS said...

Olle, can you post photos of your cats? I don't even know if you have one or two.

Olle said...

Sure - I will. We have one cat but she has stolen my new armchair. I have her keeping me company when I write.

LS said...

What is her name? And what happens when you sit on her?