Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I am longing for SPRING

"Spring" (Våren) by Carl Larsson (Swedish link, English link), finished in 1907, 100 years ago. I want birches with mouse ear-sized leaves and white bark, clean melting water rushing down in streams, and sunshine through tall trees! No more of these dark mornings and muddy, rainy days. I wish there were more birches in New Jersey too, like the ones they have in Maine.


EH said...

It really to early to long for spring here, it´s just too far away. I occupy my mind with indoor activities since the weather is really poor!

But just thinking of spring makes me happy! And I love this picture.

LS said...

Don't you think the composition is so unusual? The birch is the important thing, not the person.

EH said...

I agree, it´s like she is hiding or playing peek-a-boo..