Thursday, January 10, 2008


Klart ljus stiger över horisonten
och omfamnar världen
jag vaknar och öppnar ögonen
går ur mitt dystra vintermörka ide
och möter solen

Ser mot solens skiva
Så ljus att ögonen ger mig en stroboskop-effekt
den växlar mellan ljus och mörker

Vitt ljus ger en gul himmel som blir ljusblå högre upp utan att nånsin passera grönt....

Translated for PP

Clear light rises over the horizon
and embraces the world
I wake up and open my eyes
walks out of my dull winterdark den
and meets the sun

Looks at the sun plate
So bright that the eyes give me a stroboscope effekt
alternating between light and darkness

White light creates a yellow sky that becomes lightblue without ever touching green...



PP said...

Wow that is nice...what does it say?

PP said...

an online translator says:

Clearly light rising over horizon and am hugging the world self am awaking and opener eye am going from midst dismal vintermörka ide and am meeting sun Am seeing anti sun cut So light that eye give me a stroboskop - effect the alternates among light and darkness White light give a yellow heaven as am becoming light blue upper up devoid that nånsin pass greenery.

EH said...

The translator doesn´t give the same feeling...
I don´t feel secure enough in the english language to create poetry..
But I can try, because you ask.

(Maybe LS have the right feeling for the value of words, I dont really.)

LS said...

I think you did a great job with the translation! I love the poem, and I know exactly the feeling. The light here in NJ is so different from Sweden, but you can still have that kind of experience here. Nice, EH!

PP said...

that translation was from an online "engine" and after reading yours it is terrible!

EH said...

Thanks LS. I´m glad you liked it and that my language skill is good enough.

But how do you translate "rosenskyar" correctly?

LS said...

rosenskyar = rosy skies?