Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weather uncertainty

It is March.  Nice warm days.  Sunny skies.  Rain. Snow. Frost. Ice. Sun. Fog. Warmth. Lukewarm breeze.  Cold breeze.  But through it all the grackles are making nests, forsythia bushes are opening their butter-yellow buds, and the weeds are charging at full speed before anything else is planted.  It WILL be real spring soon. (And in poor Sweden, they are a month behind us spring-wise.)

Day 1
Day 1: Spring finally

Day 2
Day 2: winter again, sigh

Dandelions can make it through anything. 
Dandelions shooting through soil

But through it all the spinach is growing!
Spinach is up!

And the arugula too.
perennial arugula, the best!

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