Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tree puzzle

This non-real resin-based split-sawed tree-trunk art-piece called Billion was just featured on Core 77 and was made by Vincent Kohler.  Interesting.  But I found myself looking and looking at the cuts and parts and I don't think those parts can be fit into a circular shape.  There are too many of the small square pieces to the central-right below the central trunk, don't you think? I think that if you take all the pieces and glue them back together, there will be too much wood in the bottom right corner.  No? Yes? Fascinating.  (Photo by Geoffrey Cottenceau)


Anders Ivarsson said...

I'm thinking it could possibly fit - but then the small square parts must go into two rows under the biggest square chunk. That's also the only way it could fit without holes in it - see the middle square chunk being smaller in height than the planks just to the right of it. :)

LS said...

Anders - you mean you rearrange the parts? Hmmm, that isn't fair, is it? :)