Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gorgeous: Inlagd gurka (pickles)

Making dill pickles at home, originally uploaded by Vilseskogen.

Can pickles be gorgeous? Well, they can be gorgeously good, especially if you make them yourself or eat the one's mom made. There should be dill and garlic and maybe mustard seed in the brine. Last year I 'only' made about 22 jars of pickles, and it wasn't enough. We are running out and have maybe only 5 jars left at the most and there are months to when the cucumbers start growing again. I am going to plant the cucumber plants in the spot where the compost bin was, I think they will love that soil. I just need to make a little raised bed and fill in some more soil, and build a giant trellis for them to climb on. No problem, I still have some time...

Funny fact: 'inlagd' means not only pickled in Swedish but also admitted, such as 'he was admitted to the hospital' (= "han var inlagd på sjukhuset").


EH said...

Åhhh, så gott! Kan du skicka till mig?

LS said...

Nja, de nästan slut, och burken fastnar nog i tullen. Du får komma hit istället! :)