Tuesday, November 23, 2010

some BS (= blog statistics)

This is the most viewed post during the last 6 months on this blog.  Who could have expected that? More from LA please. Nearly 1500 people have viewed this blog post since May this year.

This is number two...  I think people like animals, especially Chinese ones.  (EH posted, nearly 1300 views)

Then there is a gap of nearly a thousand views down to the famous Pirate Island Board Game, which has about 600 views. (LS photos and post)

It seems nearly impossible to predict what will draw a lot of views... here are more in the top ten since May:
extinct professions, Twinkies, Poison Ivy, Ramshakles, Swedish mountain hiking, Tjaldur, and my Via Ponte restaurant review.  

Can you see a trend in these top reads?  I can't, not more than they are as diverse topically and geographically as the interests of our family.  Keep on posting dear blog members, people are reading!  We have over 95 000 visits so far, since the start of the blog in 2007.

More facts you don't need to know (for the last 6 months):
13% used a Mac, 84% a Windows computer
Internet Explorers leads among the visitors with 52%
The most found image from the blog is this (long live SAAB!)

Yesterday, a Google search for "archeology +underground houses in Scandinavia" lead to our blog. As did "cleo cola history"  and "ridiculous ponderings".

This blog is decidedly ad-free (and tweet and Facebook-free too), but if I go into the ClustrMap to see where you blog visitors come from geographically, I can see the ads that Google think fit with this blog.  Right now we have these ad headings featured:  US Railway Project, Locomotive Leasing, Free Legal Consultation, Top Quick Italian Recipes, and Rail Fleet Consulting. That is what you get when you write about 1880s train accidents, wrecked locomotives, and Italian pasta shapes. The ads lag behind, these posts are a week old at least. Automatic internet marketing a la Google...

Thanks for all the visits, dear readers!

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