Monday, November 1, 2010

Furry Wheel for Fall

Furry Wheel for Fall
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I couldn´t resist to blog this, such a fun steering wheel cover! Mine is just a fake sheep wool cover in grey. Wouldn´t it be wonderful to have this instead?

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LS said...

Ha, it is like knitting mafia graffiti inside the car! Not really my thing, but if you already have fake wool cover, why not? :) Maybe you can knit hanging dice too?!

I was at Princeton library tonight and got stuck in some cool knitting books. There are some amazing patterns you can knit. Some are more like art pieces, other are just functional, and some are cool or warm... PP scarf is halfdone, but I have to try to buy more yarn, which will be a problem... handmade handdyed yarn from a small place in New Mexico. Oh well.