Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stamp of the Day: classic cars

For AREA and other car lovers: First Day Letter of 6 Swedish stamps featuring classic cars - Volvo Duett (made for 2, a typical practical Swede car), Chevrolet Bel-Air (like they had in Mad Men?), Porsche 356, Traction Avant (with that Chicago gangster look), Saab 96 (of course!), and Jaguar E-type (AREA's favorite, see here).

I was relieved to find out that SAAB 96 was included in the book 50 Cars That Changed The World. You can see the rest of the list here as part of the Contents of the book.

SAAB 96 is THE nostalgia car from my childhood.

See the cover of the book - that car is on the Swedish stamps too.


EH said...
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EH said...

It´s very convenient to paint a car rusty-red from the start. We had two SAABs like that in our childhood. Or did one belong to the cousins? I don´t remember.

I agree, THE childhood = SAAB

LS said...

EH, we had one rusty-red, the first one was white. The cousins had a red one, that what later bought by our uncle. Then our parents bought a silver Ford Taunus, which rusted too.