Thursday, April 15, 2010

Volcanoes and other odd and ends

I am sitting here at home with a sinus infection and in between doing work work, gardening, and walking on the road to get fresh air, doing dishes and drinking tea, and sleeping and sniffling with a headache, I find little gems online.

How about this modelmaker, using body parts as backgrounds: ski slope, paint job, and bee keeper?

And this old photo of a combined beer garden, barbeque joint and gas station from 1940's Louisiana? I bet that bbq was good, not so sure about the beer :).

And in case you haven't noticed yet, a volcano is erupting on Iceland, and the three last times this volcano has erupted it is followed by the giant and dangerous volcano Katla erupting under its glacier, which in the past has led to 'little ice ages' with very cold winters the following years.  Keep yourself posted on this... 

Katla was also the name of the fire-spouting fierceful dragon in the faraway country Narnia in Astrid Lindgren's book The Brothers Lionheart, a book I loved as a kid and still have in my bookcase.

The postcard is from 1918, the last time Katla erupted on Iceland.


EH said...

Apparently eruption is called eldgos in icelandic- eld=fire and gos is gas/fumes.

If you look at the picture of the eruption LS posted from 1918, it says Kötlugosid- which is the name for Katla (fem.) + eruption in determined form. Nice with some lingustics, don´t you think? Icelandic and swedish is closely related, but when the swedish transformed, the icelandic did not. A swede doesn´t understand icelandic except for some words. But relatively easy to learn :-)

Sarah said...

That "beer garden" looks strangely like the gas station from my rural Oregon story.

LS said...

Sarah, that is very much was I was thinking too! :)