Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring has sprung

The Gods must have gone crazy.  First we have two giant storms and hundreds, maybe thousands of trees fall down and most people get flooded, and a week later or so, we have 98 degree heat (that is 37 degrees Celsius).  It has cooled down since then, but the spring took off with an explosion.  My photos are still in the camera, so you just have to imagine green trees, purple lilacs, daffodils and cherry trees, all at once.  We have already cut the lawn (with a mower that started on the first try after the winter rest, that was a record too!).  A new fence is up around the garden, photos will come later.  Inside, all my tomato seedlings are up, as are onion shoots and cucumbers.  There is still lots to do before they can go outside, and the last frost date hasn't been yet.  If we get snow now, a lot of plants would be really, really unhappy. And people too.

I have a somewhat adventurous cousin who lives in Tromso (Tromsø), the northernmost part of Norway.  If you want to see how spring windsurfing is in a place where the snow never leaves and the ocean is ice cold year round, look below. This is filmed in March, a month ago, when they average about 4 hours of sunshine per day:

Windsurfing season opening, Tromsø 2010_03_07 from O Bra on Vimeo.

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