Monday, April 5, 2010

Food fit for eating?

peeping Peeps are here again  At Easter time, many shelves in many grocery stores get filled with Peeps, a strange marshmallow concoction shaped like little birds, ghosts (for Halloween), and rabbits, etc.  Their shelf life is probably forever since they seem to be made mainly of sugar and preservatives, with color added. I don't like them much to eat, but for some, this is heaven...  This is our local food store last week when the Peeps had arrived.

A friend of mine says that the Peeps are best when you let them sit out of the box overnight so they develop a nice dry crust - then you bit into the hard shell and a soft, chewy middle. 

The first Peeps where made in the 1940s. I bet you can grill them and make s'mores, but I have never tried.

Peeps have been used as theatrical props for a while,and there are contests of using Peeps in dioramas featuring famous movie scenes and historical events. How about a Marilyn Monroe, made out of Peeps? Photo by M.V. Jantzen on Flickr, of the winner in the recent competition run by Washington Post, a large newspaper.

Then came the competitions and challenges of the Peepshi. How to make a nicelooking sushi out of all junk food: Peeps, fruit by the foot (long bands of colored tough fruity things), and Rice Krispies treats, all things that my kids are familiar with.  The competition spread to Flickr, where people started to add their home-designed junky sushi :)  Enjoy! more photos here!
Photo by Nate Marsh on Flickr (CC license). 


Unknown said...

Have you ever heard of Peeps pie? I've been thinking of making it for years, but never have.

LS said...

That Peeps pie sounds scary - somehow it doesn't seem to be food. What are marshmallows made from really?