Sunday, April 25, 2010

Green changes... a photo diary from the garden

pink rhododendron (azalea)
Our big azaela (rhododendron) flowered like never before. It is up above 4 feet now so it is safe from the munching deers.

sweet peascucumber seedlingstomato seedlingsbamboo poles for garden project
Seedlings are growing like crazy in our living room window, here are sweet peas (thanks EH!), cucumbers and many kinds of tomatoes. We also got lots of long bamboo poles for free from a local garden and we will use them to construct some new things in the vegetable garden, you will see later.

chitting pole beans flowering Amelanchier
I sprouted the bean seeds inside for the first time to plant them out after germination, we will see if it works. This is called chitting, and these are Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans (long green beans, 'störböna'). And our Amelanchier ('häggmispel') flowered against a blue spring sky.

concord grape bud flowering peach
The Concord grape sent out fuzzy leafy shoots, and the peach tree also flowered for real the first time. We actually might have peaches for the first time ever, same with the pear tree. Amazing!

The red currant and goose berry bushes also flowered during our spring heat wave and are full of little berries. For once it seems like we will get enough fruits to have more than just one little taste. The raspberries are less happy after the harsh winter, but I know they will come back. I even have rhubarb plants now, they are finally taking off after 4 years of trying. Today is a rainy, rainy day and I had planned to move the last dirt into the moved raised bed for the peppers, and start digging up an area to grow tomatoes in the soil.  We will see if I managed to get enough energy to go out and get wet from above and sweaty too.

There are more photos on my Flickr photostream.

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EH said...

Great changes, I bet you´ve forgotten the mud and rainfall from earlier soon, when you were without power. Everything looks lush and green, nice tomato plants too. Mine are not that nice, but they come along. Me and DH replanted them in larger pots yesterday. Sweet peas are still to be grown, but we have had cold weather, maybe because of volcanic ash...? Who knows!