Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bits and pieces

Protons are colliding under the Alps and making small big bangs! Read more in this New York Times article that explains it.

Why You Can’t Work at Work. "With its constant commotion, unnecessary meetings, and infuriating wastes of time, the modern workplace optimizes interruptions and makes us all work longer, less focused hours." So true.  Here is a video with Jason Fried to watch if you like. I agree with so much of this.  I went to a talk about how to deal with too much e-mail last week, and will blog about it soon.  Work is becoming chopped liver-time, not a place to think and make things.  Guess why I try to work at home one day a week just to get peace and quiet and get writing done? And I don't even have a manager. But I get sometimes 100 e-mails in a day.

Strychnine, anyone?  I want to read this book.

And then just for fun...

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