Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sweden in New York

There is actually a lot of Sweden in New York, if you just know where to look. For example, they are now selling the 1970's progressive hippies most loved attribute, the backpack Kånken for $110. I had two when I grew up, both were used so much that they fell apart after years of use. Now they are in fashion on 5th Avenue (and AREA has one, green of course). The company Fjällräven (= the arctic fox) has opened its first store on Manhattan.  Unfortunately their fantastic pants are just too expensive for normal people.  Do you think any millionaires would wear Fjällräven pants?  Maybe. 

There is the cafe called FIKA, which we should check out sometime. But, didn't someone tell these guys that white text on devilblack background is very hard to read and doesn't look good? And guys, you are in the US, how about having American spelling and not British?  And fix your grammar, it isn't even Swenglish sounding.  Whoever made their website gets an F grade in user friendliness, design, and text. Oh, and there is no way to get back to the main menu when you have clicked on About... embarrassing.  Oh, their coffee is Löfbergs Lila, which I do not like, it is in my opinion the most overrated Swedish coffee.  Tastes burnt.  OK, maybe I will go someone else instead, like the NewsBar. 

There is even a Swedish bonfire party on April 30 to welcome the sun back (this is called the Valborg festivities in Sweden - a great excuse for lots of college students to get drunk and for many to sing old traditional songs). 

And if you read this blog, know Swedish, and have an ipod, I highly recommend that you download free podcasts from the Swedish public radio.  Sommar i P1 and Tankar för dagen are my favorites so far.

Finally, it seems like the intra-Atlantic mail is working again, after being stopped due to diabolical ash clouds from the mid-Atlantic ridge island...

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Sarah said...

Fika's paragraphs on coffee sounded pretentious, and that is saying a lot coming from the City of Pretentious Coffee. But it also makes me want to go to Broder Cafe this week.