Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1... you must be joking

... is a great day for the local news media in Sweden. They get to write any stories they want to try to fool the people. I still remember the one in the early 1970s: "If you have a black and white TV and pull a nylon stocking over the front of it, it turns into color." Apparently many many Swedes tried this. And on April 1, 1950, the news was that new trolley airplanes would provide commuting options for the people in Stockholm. :) Imaging that someone must have sat and cut out and assembled this photo by hand with a scalpel from three original photos. There was no cut-and-paste Photoshop back then. The statue is the one of the former king Karl XII, I think.


EH said...

Since we live by the saying "Rätt ska vara rätt", in this house, and never let any faults slip past unnoticed, we have to comment on the staty. JH have identified it as Karl XIV and not Karl XII.

The artist is Bengt Erland Fogelberg
Konstverk: Karl XIV Johan Brons, svart granit
Placering: Gamla stan, Slussen
Från år: 1854

From the beginning he was faced riding into town, but he was later turned and is now facing the water line.
Karl XII on the other hand looks like this and is facing east where he expanded his kingdom, the Glorious Svea Rike or Suecia as it was called in latin. This was back in 1600-something. Sweden was yhe a big kingdom, and the king Karl XII where constantly at war. He was finally shot in Norway, some say it was by a button.

LS said...

Great clarification... But what is Karl XIV known for? I don't remember him at all from the history classes. Maybe JH can enlighten us more?