Sunday, March 7, 2010


tropical sunset after the rain
(Wilson Botanical Garden, Costa Rica, after the rain... photo by LS)

Last day in Costa Rica it rained all afternoon, since apparently this is an El Nino year and that wreaks havoc of the dry season. The sun sets at 6 PM and right before sunset the dark clouds cleared up and a soft pink light covered everything in the misty fog. It was unreal, like fog machines on broadway, or religious paintings... The cicadas started their creaks and frogs their croaks, and noisy parrots flew here and there. But the light and the mist made it so peaceful and thoughtful. It reminded me of early summer mornings in Sweden when the low fog is dancing over the meadows, even if the sounds were totally different. Nature is an amazing thing.

Summer morning fog near Stockholm, Ekebyhovs alley, photo by Per Ola Wiberg:

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