Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mix and match(box), all right!

LA and I are home from Costa Rica after a diverse set of adventures and some misadventures (nothing serious). While rain forest photos are being uploaded and edited, here are some other things I have peeked at in the last couple of weeks (thanks all for sending this to me).

How many things can you stuff into a matchbox? This is not the record, but it's a lot.
Not your usual stitching sampler.
Do not ever attempt to read a James Patterson novel if you want to have a good read. Trust me. (I just read London bridges on the plane, and it amazes me that this is a bestseller author. I won't give you a book review, this is all you get...)
They eat funny things in Thailand.

There are many amazing stories out there:
Being nurtured by a leopard seal. (thanks for the link PP)
Duct tape saves the day. (hat tip to BV)
Five ways to change the world. (good advice... vote, shop, garden, have a party, etc., PP found this)
I wonder if this can be done with dead ladybugs and stinkbugs... this is both gross and fun. (thanks, EH)

Once a year there is a giant booksale ('bokrea') in Sweden, nationwide, all stores, and you can make amazing finds. Everybody knows about this, and people stock up on books. Now I have to see if there is anything I want, that my friends over there can get for me and then get over here to NJ somehow. I know, I have enough books, but I love books.


Sarah said...

Welcome back!

EH said...

Oh, I love the matchbox challenge and will probably rummage my drawers.

As kids we had a similar challenge, since we traveled during summer in a small caravan and a boat with the family. Each kid got a plastic lunch box and were allowed to bring as much personal stuff and toys as could fit in the box. Mine was yellow. Lego and teddybears went along too. I still have a blue plastic elephant which accompanied me on many travels.

LS said...

Now I remember those plastic toy boxes too. I think mine was red. It was some special plastic I don't see anymore, rather pliable, and the lid was held on with four little black snap-on closures. Ah, the things you remember.