Saturday, March 13, 2010

When times get tough, go back to the old stuff

Sweden has had a winter with more snow and cold temperatures than in a long, long time, with many railroad problems because of this. On the old suburban train Roslagsbanan, the railroad company SL, finally resorted to ask the local railorad museum (Roslagsbanans Veterantågsförening) for help, and they brought back the oldies, a 1934 railcar (X3p 35) with a 1909 track cleaner attached to it. The track cleaner (spårrensare) was originally a box car. It is the only X3p 35 left in the world (photo here).Photos:
One here
going through Stockholms' suburbs 100 years later (one more photo here)

These oldies could do what the modern trains couldn't. Apparently Sweden used to have 20 snowplow trains, but there are none (or maybe only 2) left. This winter, some major routes have had all their trains cancelled during several days, because of all the snow. I don't think that is so strange, I think it is more strange with all the Swedes that think trains should run ALL the time, even when there is catastrophic weather. But I love the old dependable tools and trains, and love the fact that they brought out this old railroad car.

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