Sunday, March 21, 2010

Helping the spring....

I had to do it, I did some helping with the spring this morning. Moved away 4 dm of snow from my flowerbed, and poured out some room temperated water from the aquarium, to melt the snow. If the snow drops (Galanthus) don´t get this hint I don´t know what to do. ... And in the afternoon, snow was coming down again. I haven´t done much complaining this long winter, but after 16 weeks of snow, you start feeling a bit fed-up. The kids don´t even want to go in sleighs downhill anymore, they long for bikes and basketball and such.

Gimme sunshine.!!

And don´t you even mention sunshine and 20 degrees Celcius LS! :-(

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LS said...

OK, I won't mention any temperatures and such... but, our snowdrops are done blooming. I'll post photos soon. Poor you in Sweden. You will have to make some springtime inside for now.