Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring is here, or not, or maybe...

We had spring. Then it rained. And rained. And it still rains. We just broke the record of the most rain in March ever. I think spring is around the corner, because the spring peeper frogs are peeping their noises in the trees by the little pond, and daffodils are flowering, as are the golden-belled forsythias, but all this water, water, water... makes me a bit depressed. And soaked.

Here are some photos from the last couple of weeks to prove that here in New Jersey we do have the signs of spring. Even if you couldn't see much of it today in the foggy, gray, and wet atmosphere. (Click on photos for larger versions)

it rained a lot lighted crocus

drooping snowdrops rhubarb on the way

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EH said...

I love your vibrant crocus picture, so much light and color.